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Award Winning Hair Loss Studio

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A unique Men’s Skin Hair Piece System

Suitable for all men's hair loss solutions

100% Human Hair, Grade 8A, available in base, mixed and grey percentage colours

 (Lifespan up to 6 months)

The prices include hair, fitting, cutting, blending and styling.

Perfect for hair with the following conditions:

Receding hair lines, Hereditary hair loss, Age related hair loss, Male pattern baldness, Alopecia, Telegenic Effluvium, Post Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy, Trichotillomania, Medication related hair loss, Diet related hair loss.

Our Samson Crown Systems are a perfect solution to help mask the issue and help you feel more confident on a daily basis.

Samson Crown Systems are designed to fit comfortably on top of the clients scalp secured with our unique adhesive systems.  The skin systems are then attached to scalp and then cut and styled to create a discreet and very real looking head of hair.



FREE Consultations.

Free hair & scalp assessment.

Template/Mould taken of your head shape.

Bespoke hair system design.

Hair colour match service from 38 colour combinations.

Hair line recreation & design service.

100% Virgin Remy human hair - Unprocessed Luxury Hair.

Includes the Fitting, Cutting and Styling

Storage of your custom details/templates/samples for ease of placing repeat/future orders

Samson Skin System purchase

Samson Hybrid System Lace front (1 piece) price-                £499.00    


Samson Hybrid System Lace front (2 piece) price-               £950.00 (£475 each)

Samson Crown System  (1 piece) price -                                   £399.00

 Samson Crown System  (2 pieces) price -                               £750.00 (£375.00 each)




We recommend you purchase 2 pieces to have a quicker maintenance appointment.


Systems when removed the adhesive needs to be professionally dissolved, washed, dried and restyled.


If you purchase 2 pieces, 1 piece will be sent to our cleaning department while your 2nd piece is all ready to install.


Samson Skin System Maintenance Prices

Maintenances needed every 4-6 weeks

             Samson Hybrid System Lace front (1 piece) price:     £499.00       

      Samson Hybrid System Lace front (2 piece) price:     £950.00 (£475 each)

     Samson Crown System (1 piece) maintenance price - £90.00 at each visit

     Samson Crown System (2 piece) maintenance price - £80.00 at each visit


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Removal, professional clean up, wash, dry, reapplication and restyle. needed every 4-6 weeks   


The duration of a hair system cannot be guaranteed but we do believe our hair Samson skin systems can last up to 6 months, depending upon aftercare regime.


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