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Your experience will begin with a free initial consultation and colour match service where our Director will make an assessment of your hair type, discuss your requirements and the look you want to achieve. We will take the time to perform demonstrations, explain the maintenance, aftercare and pricing structure.  Our Director is in training to become a Trichologist, so we offer a free hair and scalp assessment also.

Once we have assessed your suitability for the Samson Crown System and you wish to schedule a fitting appointment, you will then return with the next 1-2 weeks for a fitting appointment.  At this appointment your scalp template will then be created.

You will leave with a maintenance leaflet, prices and a write up of the consultation agreement plan .

After all we don't believe in unnecessary duplicated visits.

 We ask for only £100 deposit to secure your fitting appointment and balance payments are paid on the

day of the fitting appointment.

During your fitting appointment we again will talk you through the maintenance program and provide you with aftercare advice,  as well as answer any questions you may have. We know for many, this will be your first experience with a men's hair replacement system and we want your experience to be both positive and exciting.  We are happy to answer any questions and welcome clients who have had a less than positive experience elsewhere.

Regular high quality hair maintenance appointments are essential to ensure the hair remains in it's best condition.  You will need to return for a maintenance appointment every 5 weeks.  Depending on wear clients return between 4 and 6 weekly intervals.  We recommend you purchase 2 hair pieces, this way it makes your maintenance appointment a quicker and smoother experience, as the system removed will go to our cleaning department and 2nd hair piece will be already to be refitted.

Styling service, premium drinks and Netflix are all included in the price every time you return.

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