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We are incredibly proud to announce our sister company Godiva Hair Loss & Wig Specialists for ladeies and Godiva Hair Extensions received the recognition award at the English Hair and Beauty awards and became winner for the following awards:

Hair Loss & Wig Specialist of the year 2021, 2022, 2023

Best Business of the year  2022

Best Family Run Business of the year 2022

Samson Men's Hair Replacement Specialists is one of the UK’s men's leading hair loss specialists working in our exclusive men's only studio in the village of Epworth near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

We fully understand the impact that hair has on boosting self confidence. We all know too well that by changing our hair we can change the way we feel about ourselves inside and out.  Whether your wish is to change your look completely or become an enhanced  version of you, Samson Men's Hair Replacement Specialists can achieve all of this with ease using our Samson Crown Systems.

The director of  Samson is also a hair loss suffer, she has a vast knowledge of the hair loss industry.  She knows only too well that there is an abundance of counterfeit hair on the market today but strongly believes in only using the finest human hair.

Samson personally hand selects and sources their own human hair from overseas.  Our hair is far superior than many British branded makes that are delivered in plastic packaging, leaving the hair smelling of plastic.  All our hair is freshly cut from one donor, with all the cuticles intact and facing in the same direction.  Our hair has been slightly tinted, but using no ammonia, therefore leaving the bonds of the hair fully intact.

If you would like to book your free initial consultation, please ring, book on Facebook, Instagram or use the book now link. 


Tel No: 01302 272098

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